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An end-to-end strategic consultancy specializing in culture, leadership and diversity. 

Helping individuals and organisations to fulfil their potential.


With a constantly evolving social context, organisations face an urgent challenge in terms of how they engage with their people, and how they tackle diversity in their workforce. 

There is a huge opportunity to lead with purpose and integrity, and harness the power of difference, to create great workplaces - where people feel included, engaged, motivated and empowered to make a positive difference.
To do this, it’s not enough to take a reactive or legalistic stance, or to rely on a few tick-box or ‘feel good’ interventions. We need to be proactive and take an approach that is holistic, aspirational and engaging for all.
This means challenging some of our assumptions, and rewiring some of the fundamental ways in which we think and work – as individuals, as teams and as organisations.

Why - the problem
What we do


At Rewire, we have been researching culture, behaviour and diversity for over two decades.

We are passionate about helping people and organisations to become the best they can be, by understanding and working through the things that get in the way of that.


End-to-end strategic planning for a radical approach to inclusion

In order to see real and sustainable change, we believe it’s important to take a strategic view – not just offer ‘band-aid’ solutions. But it’s not always obvious what the problem is, what’s really driving it, or where the focus should be.
We offer end-to-end strategic consulting around the talent management and business life cycle. This means looking at everything from organisational strategy, vision and values, resourcing and on-boarding, through to employee engagement, performance management, metrics and exit. We help create clarity around what the issues and root causes are, so that when we design a solution, it’s solving for the right problem.

Strategic Planning

Design and delivery of training programmes

Traditional compliance-based diversity training programmes aren't effective. They ‘tick the box’ but studies have shown they can have a ‘backlash effect’ and become counter-productive by creating a climate of defensiveness. We design and deliver effective and engaging workshops on a wide range of topics, including: diversity and inclusion, understanding bias, inclusive culture, inclusive leadership, preventing harassment, active bystander/ allyship and the art of having compassionate and meaningful conversations.
We design for ‘head’, ‘hands’ and ‘heart’ – information isn't enough, people need to know what behaviour is expected and feel able to do it, and most importantly, they need to care. Our programmes are therefore experiential, practice-based and designed to tap into empathy and emotion. Our vision is to help leaders move away from seeing diversity as a ‘difficult’ issue, into a hopeful space that empowers and inspires everyone to play their part in being the change they want to see.


Personal and team coaching to improve leadership

Change takes place at the personal as well as the organisational level, so it’s important to ensure that leaders are getting the support they need for themselves and their teams to flourish. Coaching is a powerful technique for addressing the personal and relational dynamics that influence how we make decisions and operate with each other – a crucial aspect of inclusion.


We offer one-to-one executive coaching, team coaching and facilitated peer/ paired coaching, either as a stand-alone intervention or to complement a wider change or learning programme. equality, diversity, inclusion, training, coaching, consulting, metoo, women, race, bias, culture , compliance, 

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