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We believe that in order to see sustainable change, we need to take a holistic and strategic approach that tackles culture: both at an ‘individual’ and ‘organisational’ level.


We draw on the six phases put forward in ‘Rewire: A Radical Approach to Tackling Diversity and Difference’ (by Yates and Sachdev) as a starting point. 


We then work with you to develop a framework and approach that fits with your organizational context, style, requirements and current appetite.


This might mean combining a few quick solutions with longer-term process change implementations. For example, it might mean complementing diversity training with a phased and targeted communication plan, or a more in-depth review of recruitment or performance management processes.


We work with you to develop a strategy and an approach that’s right for you, right now.

Our Approach (Project Rewire)BRANDEDNOV1

rewire: the book 

Rewire: A Radical Appoach to Tackling Diversity and Difference

Rewire: A Radical Approach to Tackling Diversity and Difference tackles the issue of equality, diversity and inclusion, in a fresh and radical way. It critiques current thinking and practice that is responsible for slow progress in this area and provides readers with a new, holistic and tactical perspective that leverages what we know about mind-set and change. 

The issue of difference sits at the core of many of the world's crises. Large corporations are a microcosm of the globalized world we live in, and hold significant power in shaping our lives and ideas. Despite decades of work in the area, little progress has been made because current approaches focus on specific contexts, short-term results and commercial return rather than taking into account what we know about human behaviour and addressing culture.

Here, the authors, who have worked in a number of leading organizations, including Caterpillar, American Express, HSBC and the NHS, put forward a new approach, based on years of experience of what works in individual and organizational change. They present:


  • A causal map, which describes a wide range of social, biological, psychological, evolutionary and organisational factors at play

  • A unique step-by-step approach, to create mind-set change at the individual, organizational and social level

This book offers corporate executives and social leaders a fresh perspective, along with the tools and confidence to create more inclusive and effective environments in a simple and practical way, by rewiringthe fundamental psychological processes and patterns that lie at the heart of it.

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Rewire: A radial approach to tackling diversty and difference
REWIRE: The book
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