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"Truly versatile and fantastic! Very knowledgeable about a wide range of subjects, commercial and comes with high integrity.
Happy to recommend.”
- Global Head of Learning, large multi-national

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Here is some feedback from one of our recent training programmes:

 “It was very informative”

“An engaging session”

“I will be more self-reflective about my actions”

“More aware of other peoples’ feelings”

“Confidence to speak up if I witness harassment”


Rewire in the news!

Involving male colleagues in gender equality drives progress and reduces resentment



When it comes to gender equality policies there is one thing missing: men. That was the conclusion of Giorgio Siracusa, head of HR at Procter & Gamble Europe, the consumer goods company which recently hit the headlines for its “toxic masculinity” campaign. Typically, he says, when you “talk about gender, you talk about women, when you talk about race we talk about non-whites”...

MANAGEMENT TODAY: Media nepotism is holding back diversity by Sathnam Sanghera


I’m not complaining, but I’m not sure I understand why race is suddenly a big story. Some of us having been campaigning on the issue for years, to little response, but nowadays you can’t open a newspaper or watch a news bulletin without reading or hearing about the appalling state of diversity in Silicon Valley, or Beyonce’s civil-rights-inspired performance at the Superbowl, or the side-lining of black actors...

‘Rewire’ by Chris Yates and Pooja Sachdev


When Chris Yates was a teenager in the late 1970s, he sneaked out one night and travelled across London to watch his beloved football team Queens Park Rangers. When he arrived, he found he did not have enough money to get in. Worse: as he started walking away, close to tears, a group of skinheads approached. He knew they did not like people who were not white and he feared a beating...