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Free Resources

All of our free downloadable content, helpfully grouped together in one post.

A number of our posts and articles contain downloadable PDF guides. We have brought these together within this post for ease. Simply click the download icon, which you'll find beneath each preview image.

All of these resources are free to download, and are intended for internal use within organisations; under the condition that Rewire Consulting are visibly credited.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the resources below, would like to enquire about usage permissions, or want to learn more about our work!


how does bias play out? the ladder of impact

This guide demonstrates how bias plays out; from the ‘micro’ (little ways in which we interact with others) through to the ‘macro’ (discrepancies in material outcomes for different groups at an organisational or social level e.g. in education, work, health or the criminal justice system).

Rewire_Ladder of Impact
Download PDF • 8.00MB


Learn. Unlearn. Act

This PDF guide accompanies the Article and Mailout: Black Lives Matter - What Can We All Do?

Download PDF • 136KB


bridge model

This guide accompanies the article: How to talk about race: 6 principles for more effective conversations (BRIDGE)

Download PDF • 4.73MB


Ten Tactical Tips for HR & Managers Right Now

This guide accompanies the article: COVID-19: Key priorities for HR and Managers right now

PDF Resource: 10 Tips for HR and Manager
Download • 294KB



We created and shared this guide as part of our Times Like These mailout

Download PDF • 1.23MB


More Coming very Soon!


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